War and Peace

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Leo Tolstoy
Stage director:
Yuri Grymov

“If it wasn’t for suffering, a man wouldn’t know himself”...

“War and Peace. Russian Pierre” is the original performance by Yuri Grymov, who was working on it for more than three years. The play was co-authored by Alexander Shishov.

The entire troupe of the theatre, as well as invited actors, are involved in the play. Totally there are about seventy people on the stage, including the famous Sveshnikov Choir, that sings during all the performance heart-felt songs, Orthodox spiritual chants as well as compositions of Western European music...

Specially for this performance, the artist Irena Belousova (winner of two Golden Mask Awards) created 423 costumes that correspond in detail to the era described in the novel: military uniforms, high society ballroom outfits and fashion accessories. Make-up artists did a great job, skillfully creating images of people of that period. The performance has got famous also due to the original light solutions that have already become a visit card of the Modern Theatre. The production designer was Yu. Grymov himself.

"War and Peace" reveals the main storylines of the great novel of Leo Tolstoy, putting special attention on the story of Pierre Bezukhov, his transformation from a "Westerner" into the Russian patriot, from Pierre to Peter Kirillovich. Living in permanent doubts and confusions, searching for the true “national way”, Pierre concentrates in his character the image of the whole Russia of the beginning of the 19th century. It means the worship before the Western ideas and the war with France, sympathy for the Freemasons and the acceptance of their God-bearing people. Living through all the troubles, the Count Bezukhov gets to know that the strength of Russia comes from the spiritual wisdom of common people, there moral ideals, mercy, truthfulness and family values.

The performance also presents the lifestories of the Russian nobility – Andrew Bolkonsky and Natasha Rostova, Anatol Kuragin and Fyodor Dolokhov, Mary Bolkonskaya and the Counts Rostov, the old Prince Bolkonsky, Helen Bezukhova and many others. Yuri Grymov did his best to bring to the theatre stage all the facets of Leo Tolstoy's epic novel: a big love and passion, social events and common life of Russians, their spiritual searches and life dramas, peace and war of their lives.

“Dear guests! Attention please!

We recommend you to arrive earlier and take your seats immediately after the FIRST call. The performance starts at 19:00. There are a lot of curious surprises that I’ve prepared specially for you. Don't miss them! We also recommend you to leave the hall during intermissions, so that we could arrange the next act. I hope our artistic and technical solutions will give you a pleasant surprise and a lot of unforgettable emotions!”

Yuri Grymov, director

Start: 19:00
3 hours 20 minutes with two intermissions
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Leo Tolstoy
Stage director:
Yuri Grymov
Stage edition:
Alexander Shishov
Dmitry Terekhov
Production Designer:
Yuri Grymov
Costume Designer:
Irena Belousova
Lighting designer:
Anton Isaev
Musical arrangement:
Yuri Grymov and Evgeny Volkov
Sound engineer:
Andrey Loskutov
Makeup artist:
Natalia Timofeeva
A.V. Sveshnikov State Academic Russian Choir, Artistic Director and Chief Conductor Gennady Dmitryak, People's Artist of Russia, professo
Irina Kasamara Natasha Rostova
Irina Kasamara
Alexander Kolesnikov Pierre Bezukhov
Alexander Tolmachev Andrey Bolkonsky
Yuri Anpilogov Master of Masons
Alexander Gorelov Dolokhov
Shamil Mukhamedov Anatol Kuragin
Maria Orlova Helen Bezukhova
Konstantin Konushkin Prince Vasily
Vladimir Levashev Count Rostov
Honored Artist of Russia Vladimir Levashev
Lyubov Novak Countess of Rostov
Honored Artist of Russia Lyubov Novak
Marina Dianova Marya
Alexandra Bogdanova Burien
Alexey Baranov Nesvitsky
Peter Stupin Platon Karataev
Alexander Zhukov Alpatych
Maxim Brand Doctor
Alexey Bagdasarov Kutuzov, Prince Bolkonsky (father)
Alexander Serikov The emperor
Yuri Grymov
Stage director
Yuri Grymov
Art director of the Moscow Drama Theater "MODERN", director of theater and cinema

Dear guests!

We have a moderate dress-code in our theatre: let’s say a not formal suit, classic jeans, semi-evening dresses (style smart casual) and “after five”.

We ask you not to use sports clothing and footwear, T-shirts and also shorts.

Let’s spend together a wonderful and unforgettable night in Modern Theatre!

See you!

«See you at the theater!»
Yuri Grymov