The Lost World
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Arthur Conan Doyle
Stage director:
Yuri Grymov

"Make it a rule: never look back. Always look only forward, where a great feat is waiting for you"

Arthur Conan Doyle

Yuri Grymov presents an impressive, wonderful and musical family performance — "The Lost World", based on the famous novel by Arthur Conan Doyle.

The performance brings the young spectators to the heart of the dangerous and alluring jungles of South America. Who will the discoverers meet on their way?...

To get to the amazing world of wildlife, to meet face to face with giant dinosaurs, lizards and friendly furry gorillas, — that is a real and unforgettable adventure for the whole family! The original costumes and lively scenery, an amazing music, a lot of humor and brave heroes are waiting for you!

"The Lost World" helps our young viewers to feel as real heroes, to perform a feat together with the true friends, and also teaches them to take care of nature and animals.

Start: 12:00, 15:00
1 hour 40 minutes with one intermission
из 10
Arthur Conan Doyle
Stage director:
Yuri Grymov
Yuri Grymov
Set designer:
Kirill Danilov
Costume Designer:
Yuri Grymov
Makeup artist:
Natalia Timofeeva
Lighting designer:
Yuri Grymov, Anton Isaev
Musical arrangement:
Yuri Grymov
Sound engineer:
Andrey Trifonov
Video content:
Andrey Korsunov
Alexander Tolmachev Ned Malone, young reporter
Evgeny Kazak Ned Malone, young reporter
Denis Ignatov Professor George Challenger
Alexandra Bogdanova Olivia Challenger
Karina Zhukova Olivia Challenger
Alexander Mirlundi (Zhukov) Professor Summerlee
Alexander Serikov Professor Summerlee
Konstantin Konushkin Lord Edward Roxton
Alexey Baranov Lord Edward Roxton
Dillon Oloyede Sambo
Roman Zubrilin Chairman McArdle
Alexander Kolesnikov Sailor, Man from the crowd
  Dinosaurs, Public
Karina Zhukova
Maria Orlova
  Dinosaurs, Sailors, Public
Roman Koval
Maxim Brand
Alexander Tolmachev
  Monkeys, Audience
Ekaterina Vasilyeva
Ekaterina Gretsova
Valeria Koroleva
Nadezhda Menshova
Maria Orlova
Yuri Sokolov
Marianna Kanivets
Ekaterina Baranova
Alexander Kolesnikov
Yuri Grymov
Stage director
Yuri Grymov
Art director of the Moscow Drama Theater "MODERN", director of theater and cinema

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We ask you not to use sports clothing and footwear, T-shirts and also shorts.

Let’s spend together a wonderful and unforgettable night in Modern Theatre!

See you!

«See you at the theater!»
Yuri Grymov