It’s OK I'm Chekhov?

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Ekaterina Nartsizova-Shipunova
Stage director:
Yuri Grymov

“The spectator should work in the theatre. Don’t bother him!”

Mikhail Chekhov

"It’s OK I'm Chekhov?" by Yuri Grymov is passionate and poignant love and life story of Mikhail and Olga Chekhov, the “icons” of the theatre.

Mikhail Chekhov was an actor, a great teacher and a director. He founded his own acting school, brought up several generations of world famous actors.

Olga Chekhova was a national actress of the Third Reich, also working for three intelligence services, at the same time.

A wonderful music and original light solutions, incredible ideas of the director immerse the audience into the exciting and bright life of the great personalities. You will see “the real” Lavrenty Beria and Adolf Hitler, Konstantin Stanislavsky and Evgeny Vakhtangov, the mysterious Eva Braun and the brilliant Marilyn Monroe, — one replaces the other on the stage.

It´s unbelievable how Mikhail and Olga Chekhov life paths connect all these names, that couldn´t even be imagined in one row!

For the great audience Mikhail Chekhov is known only as the nephew of the famous writer Anton Pavlovich Chekhov. Just a few of us know that he founded his own acting school in Hollywood, that has been practiced in the American "star industry" till nowadays. The famous Marilyn Monroe was his student! And also Marlon Brando, Clint Eastwood and many other celebrities.

“Chekhov” is about a special human state of soul — the soul of an actor, when the theatre comes to be a reason for being and a person doesn’t belong to himself any more, but only to the art”, Yuri Grymov, the director comments.

*The performance contains scenes of tobacco smoking.

Start: 19:00
1 hour 55 minutes without intermission
из 10
Ekaterina Nartsizova-Shipunova
Stage director:
Yuri Grymov
Dmitry Terekhov
Production Designer:
Yuri Grymov
Costume Designer:
Irena Belousova
Lighting designer:
Anton Isaev
Musical arrangement:
Yuri Grymov
Sound engineer:
Andrey Loskutov
Makeup artist:
Natalia Timofeeva
Alexander Gorelov Mikhail Chekhov (formation)
Peter Vorobyov Mikhail Chekhov (era)
Vladimir Levashev Mikhail Chekhov (era)
Maria Orlova Olga Chekhova (formation)
Anna Kamenkova Olga Chekhova (era)
Nadezhda Menshova Natalia Golden
Denis Ignatov Man
Alexander Kolesnikov Stanislavsky's assistant
Konstantin Konushkin Konstantin Stanislavsky / Film director
Marina Dianova Filmmaker assistant
Leonid Tregub Antique dealer
Alexander Gorelov Adolf Gitler
Ekaterina Vasilieva Eva Braun
Alexey Bagdasarov Lavrenty Beria
Dillon Oloyede American
Maina Chizhevskaya Marilyn Monroe
  Parade participants, guests, people on the embankment, film studio staff, salon visitors
Honored Artist of Russia Leonid Tregub
Alexandra Bogdanova
Ekaterina Vasilieva
Marina Dianova
Alexander Mirlundi (Zhukov)
Alexander Kolesnikov
Konstantin Konushkin
Valeria Koroleva
Maina Chizhevskaya
Nadezhda Menshova
Svetlana Ruban
Alexander Serikov
Yuri Grymov
Stage director
Yuri Grymov
Art director of the Moscow Drama Theater "MODERN", director of theater and cinema

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We ask you not to use sports clothing and footwear, T-shirts and also shorts.

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«See you at the theater!»
Yuri Grymov