Brave New World

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Aldous Huxley
Stage director:
Yuri Grymov

“To get rid of the illusions just look in the mirror”

Aldous Huxley

Yuri Grymov, the Director presents his own vision of the famous dystopian novel “Brave New World” by Aldous Huxley. This story is about an ideal society, where people don’t suffer worries or sorrows, but just have a good time.

Art and science in this "Brave New World" are nothing and the mankind is controlled by technologies.

Is it possible to survive in the community where people pay for their stability with the ability to love and empathize, where the freedom makes no importance? The only chance to survive is become lifeless while living. Or to die, but ... die alive!

"Brave New World" is a unique large-scale performance with magnificent costumes and scenery, mesmerizing music and deep dialogues!

Starring great Anna Kamenkova, unpredictable Igor Yatsko and the whole troupe of Modern Theatre!

*Modern Theatre was the first Russian theatre to get the rights for the production of the world bestseller by Aldous Huxley.

Start: 19:00
2 hours 50 minutes with one intermission
из 10
Aldous Huxley
Stage director:
Yuri Grymov
Hosea Soroka
Elena Isaeva
Production Designer:
Alexey Kondratyev
Costume Designer:
Irena Belousova
Makeup artist:
Natalia Timofeeva
Lighting designer:
Sergey Skornetsky
Musical arrangement:
Yuri Grymov
Anna Kamenkova Linda
Igor Yatsko Monde
Sergey Aronin Bernard
Maina Chizhevskaya Lenina
Alexander Kolesnikov Foster
Yuri Sokolov Director
Alexander Tolmachev John
Alexey Bagdasarov Helmholtz
Karina Zhukova Fanny
Maria Kondratova Fanny
Maxim Brand Predeterminer Assistant
Alexander Mirlundi (Zhukov) Dr. Shaw
Marina Dianova Headmistress of the crematorium
Vladimir Levashev Archipersonals
Valeria Koroleva Nurse
Alexander Serikov Soms Dispenser
Alexey Baranov Reporter
  Also busy in the play
Alexandra Bogdanova
Ekaterina Vasilyeva
Ekaterina Gretsova
Ekaterina Baranova
Roman Zubrilin
Evgeny Kazak
Konstantin Konushkin
Nadezhda Menshova
Maria Orlova
Marianna Kanivets
Svetlana Ruban
Yuri Grymov
Stage director
Yuri Grymov
Art director of the Moscow Drama Theater "MODERN", director of theater and cinema

Dear guests!

We have a moderate dress-code in our theatre: let’s say a not formal suit, classic jeans, semi-evening dresses (style smart casual) and “after five”.

We ask you not to use sports clothing and footwear, T-shirts and also shorts.

Let’s spend together a wonderful and unforgettable night in Modern Theatre!

See you!

«See you at the theater!»
Yuri Grymov