Continuing the best traditions of the Russian drama theatre, the "Modern" is always a pronouncement. You can’t see the same performances in any other theatre! "Modern" means "unique", "unforgettable", "leaving a long after taste"…

The language of the theatre is always recognizable: the non-standard plots that capture the viewer from the first moments, the original artistic approaches; the delicate work with the light and the incredible musical arrangements. We try to speak in a modern language with the viewers, even if it’s a classical performance.

Our сore value is the highest quality of the performance. The “Modern” team is also recognizable and strong: the actors are winners of the most prestigious theatrical awards and prizes, many of them people know by their parts in movies.

Our mission is to help our viewers to live and enjoy life, to withstand the trials, to make every day worthy and full of sense, to think about the future and remember the past. Just to help them to survive in a world where peace and comfort not always run the show. We’ll put questions and look for answers, we’ll shout, cry or keep silence, - and we’ll be happy if our word, tear or pause finds any feedback from you.

“Modern” means “contemporary”. When this word just appeared, it carried exactly that meaning: a new, fresh and interesting. Then it started to specify a style, an era and turned into an artifact, put in a beautiful, curvedand gold-plated frame. We don’t want any limits for ourselves and our viewers. Let the theatre live a new life and breathe a new air. “Modern” means “contemporary”, - Yuri Grymov, the Art Director of the “Modern” Theatre says.


Located in a white-stone mansion in Spartakovskaya Square, just near the metro station Baumanskaya, the historical building of the theatre and its unique interiors preserve their special flavor.

In our theatre the guests not only enjoy the performances, but also spend time with comfort outside the auditorium. There are two spacious and diverse foyers (the Portrait Gallery and the Parquet Hall) and also a cozy living room where people can get together for a pleasant conversation, before or after the performance, and make unforgettable pictures in a unique interior.

There are two buffets (one on the ground and another on the first floor), that offer a varied menu of original snacks and delicious desserts, as well as a rich wine list.

Each of the three auditoriums of the theatre is known for its special atmosphere. All of the halls are equipped with modern professional sound and light equipment that can broadcast video projections. The viewers point out the comfortable chairs and an excellent stage visibility from each point of the hall.

Dear guests!

We have a moderate dress-code in our theatre: let’s say a not formal suit, classic jeans, semi-evening dresses (style smart casual) and “after five”.

We ask you not to use sports clothing and footwear, T-shirts and also shorts.

Let’s spend together a wonderful and unforgettable night in Modern Theatre!

See you!

«See you at the theater!»
Yuri Grymov